How have the Giants become world champions?

Winning meaningless games does not win championships. You have to win the games that count to be recognized as a great. The World Series is 7 games long and its not until after you win that last game that you can be a great. The Giants have won many World Series but the ones I will be focusing on are 2010, 2012, and 2014. Without winning the games that count, the Giants would not be the world champions they are today.

The first World Series game the Giants won in the 2000’s was in 2010. They played the Texas Rangers and beat them in 5 games. After winning 3 and dropping 1 to the Rangers, they won on a 3-run homer by Edgar Renteria, former giant (ESPN). In the year of 2010 Tim Lincecum was the Giant’s ace and pitched the last game of the series. Finishing with a record of 2-0, Lincecum took down the Rangers despite giving up one run on a single homerun by Nelson Cruz. This victory in 2010 started the dynasty the Giants have right now. This last game couldn’t have been won without Game 4 which was won by Madison Bumgarner’s pitching performance (ESPN).

The second series that contributed to the dynasty was the 2012 World Series. In this particular World Series the Giants made a 4-game sweep of the Tigers to continue their dynasty. The Giant’s pitching staff got it done for them once again but it was the final game that made it so magical. After playing 3 tough games, the Giants and Tigers met for the fourth time, and the last time. After completing the regulation 9 innings and the score still tied, they went into the 10th. After the Giants had a base runner reach, Marco Scutaro, second baseman, hit a single to score him for the go-ahead run to win them the game. Winning a World Series is a huge accomplishment but sweeping a team is extraordinary. That shows what a good team the giants are and why they continue to be (World Series).

The last series that cemented the dynasty was 2014.  After 6 exciting games, the teams tied the series coming into game 7. Tim Hudson was  the starter for the Giants and just couldn’t get it done so he came out in the second inning. Jeremy Affeldt came in and pitched a great game and then the Giant’s ace, Madison Bumgarner, took charge and won the game with 5 innings of unbelievable pitching. In the bottom of the ninth with 2 outs, the Kansas City Royal’s Alex Gordon hit a triple but then the catcher, Salvador Perez, popped out to the Giant’s third baseman, Pablo Sandoval, to lose the game. Even though the Giants were the victors, the Royals had a great season and came up as the underdogs. This clutch win made the Giant’s dynasty they have today (World Series SB).

After winning the 3rd World Series the emotions in the Giant’s clubhouse ran high. Bruce Bochy, the Giant’s manager reacted to Game 7 by saying : “If you told me we would be playing in Game 7 of the World Series, I think we’d all be doing cartwheels” (Walstein). Madison Bumgarner responded to the press after Game 7: “I wasn’t thinking about innings or pitch count. I was just thinking about getting outs, getting outs until I couldn’t get them any more and we needed someone else” (Greenberg). Without some key figures, the Giants couldn’t have pulled this win through.













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What are some records set by the Giants franchise?

This month’s question is: what are some records set by the Giants franchise? During their many years of existence in New York and San Francisco, the Giants have set many records. One of the most recent records is that they won 3 World Series titles in 5 years. These records have been set in two different aspects of the game: hitting and pitching.

The first aspect that contribute to the Giant’s records is hitting. The main thing that matters in hitters is their average. The highest average in Giants history was set by Buster Posey, batting .311 (ESPN).  Posey has been a member of the squad as a starting catcher for all three World Series and contributed in all of them. CBS sports talks about Posey’s positive impact on the game of baseball: “Fans just voted Buster Posey the new face of Major League Baseball. Posey is the star catcher for the San Francisco Giants, and he’s led a baseball renaissance in San Francisco , which has captured an extraordinary three World Series titles in five years” (Face of MLB). Posey’s positive contribution to the game made him the new face of baseball and one of the MLB’s best hitters. The other biggest part to hitting is hits, which is led by Hunter Pence at 180 hits (ESPN). Pence’s hitting is crucial to the Giant’s success but he will not start opening day due to a broken arm. Mark Townsend of Yahoo Sports breaks down Pence’s injury: “Even if Pence misses the minimum amount of time, it will be a difficult blow for a Giants offense that’s already trying to replace Pablo Sandoval . The circumstances will be difficult for Pence to personally overcome both from a physical and mental standpoint, simply because he’s not used to being injured or missing games. In fact, he hasn’t missed a regular season game since being traded to San Francisco on July 31, 2012” (Townsend). These are the players that have continually made the Giants successful.

The last thing that makes the Giants successful is their pitching. The Giant’s pitching staff is led by one man: the one and only Madison Bumgarner. The place Mad Bum excels the best in is strikeouts, finishing the season with 219 (ESPN). Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated talks about his choice for Sportman of the Year: “It has been, is and will be home to the latest legend from the foot of the Blue Ridge: the greatest pitcher in World Series history and the 2014 SI Sportsman of the Year. He is the third-youngest baseball player to be so honored in the award’s 60-year history, behind only Johnny Podres in 1955 and Tom Seaver in ’69” (Verducci). Bumgarner also had support from relief pitchers such as Yusmeiro Petit who came out of the postseason with a 1.42 ERA (ESPN). Bill Baer talks about Petit in an article about him being considered for a 2015 starter: “Yusmeiro Petit has been a godsend for the Giants this post-season, having tossed 12 scoreless innings in the post-season thus far. When the game went extra innings, as it did in the NLDS against the Nationals, Petit was there to soak up six innings (Baer). Petit and Bumgarner have been assets to the Giants and will continue to b2014-Sportsman-Madison-Bumgarnere through these next years.

The Giants have set many records but none matter as much as hitting and pitching. The Giants have the best team in the league right now and will continue to be. These records have been set in these last 5 years and prove the team to be the best the franchise has ever had.









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Should steroids be allowed?

The main debate in baseball for years has been steroids. Do we want to let players use these or should they not be able to? This debate has put people out of jobs and has destroyed fan-player relationships. I believe that players should refrain from steroids to maintain an image and rely on hard work and God given talents. If all players refrained from these substances, we could get rid of this problem forever.

The first reason professional baseball players should stay away from drugs is so they can downloadmaintain an image. In an article by Steve Gardner from, he talks about Barry Bonds taking steroids. After he talks about this he talks about the effect on children: “But even more disturbing were the images on Capitol Hill of grieving parents whose teenagers committed suicide, allegedly because of steroid use.” After prefacing the whole Barry Bonds issue he talks about this young boy committing suicide after knowing his hero was a phony the whole time. People rely on these players and they need work hard to maintain their image. In an article by GM-Carson, he talks about some players who he tinks are good role models. One of the people he talks about is Vladimir Guerrero and he says: “He is not just a great baseball player – he’s a great role model. Guerrero was never in the news for the wrong reason and you knew he was giving it everything he had when you watched him play.” When he says: “never in the news for the wrong reason” he defines a role model and someone to rely on that doesn’t get in trouble.

The second reason players shouldn’t take steroids is because they work way to hard to waste their time on steroids. In an article by Michael Schlact he talks about the life of a baseball player: “Six hours before the game. That’s something that has remained constant for me in the years I’ve been a professional baseball player.” I find it kind of crazy that the one thing that stood out to him was how early he had to be at the field before a game. When you think about it six hours before a game is crazy for one nine inning game out of 162 regular season games. In an article by Craig Calcaterra he talks about the results from the latest MLB drug test “There were 5,391 total drug tests. 4,022 were urine samples, 1,369 were blood samples;there were eight positive tests resulting in discipline. All were for stimulants. Seven of the stimulant tests were for Adderall. One for Methylhexaneamine. I guess that means that there are no more steroids in baseball.” If you look at these numbers most baseball players stick to what is morally right and don’t give in to drugs.

Even though drugs are banned in the MLB, some people believe steroids should be allowed. In an article in the Daily Utah Chronicle by Topher Webb, he argues the importance of steroids in the MLB: “Allowing performance-enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball is probably not the most ethical decision commissioner Bud Selig could ever make, but it’s certainly one that would make his league much more exciting. In that regard, Major League Baseball needs to bring the PEDs back.” This man is arguing that steroids (or PEDs) will make the league more exciting. In an article by Brian Skinnell, he talks about how steroids have made baseball more exciting: “If it weren’t for the steroids, we likely never would have seen the 70-plus home run years of Bonds and McGwire.” Even though these drugs make baseball more interesting, these men did morally wrong things and paid  the price for it.

Some people might argue that baseball would be more interesting with steroids but it is morally wrong and stupid. Baseball players were drafted because of there talent when they were using steroids so why would they still need them? Without steroids players could be commemorated for there talent and not be remembered as the guy who took steroids. Overall steroids can be a career changer.














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Who’s on the roster?

This month’s topic is one of my favorites: the Giants current roster. In my last post I mentioned the Giants winning the most prestigious award in baseball, the World Series trophy. The lineup I am about to talk about is the dynamite roster that led them to the championship.

The number 1 thing teams need is pitchers. There are 2 main categories of pitchers: starters and relievers. The pitchers that start in the Giants pitching rotation on a regular basis are Tim Hudson, Madison Bumgarner, Jake Peavy, and Ryan Vogelson. This year Madison Bumgarner continued to dominate other team’s lineups with a 1.03 ERA (Earned Run Average) in the postseason with 45 strikeouts. His pitching performance in the playoffs was good enough to get him the World Series MVP award. As every coach knows; every good starter needs an even better reliever. The Giants new and rising reliever is Yusmeiro Petit. In the regular season he was their number one reliever and after Tim Lincecum choked in the starter spot, he took his place in the postseason. He ended the season with a 3.69 ERA and 133 strikeouts. After the season ended Bochy said, “‘I think you have to look at how he’s thrown the ball,” Bochy said. “That’s one of the things we’ll talk about in the offseason. This guy has saved us out of the pen and when we’ve need a starter. It’s something we’re very much aware of: He can start, too.”’ (Baer). Bruce Bochy shows his confidence in Petit after he is asked about Petit’s role in the 2015 season. (

The second thing teams need is good position players/hitters. Right now the giants everyday roster is: Brandon Belt at first base, Joe Panik at second, Brandon Crawford at shortstop, Pablo Sandoval at third, Buster Posey at catcher, Travis Ishikawa in left, Gregor Blanco in center, and Hunter Pence in right.  In my opinion, the three most important layers in the lineup are Pablo Sandoval, Joe Panik, and Buster Posey. Pablo Sandoval was one of the best third basemans in Giants history before signing to the Red Sox two weeks ago. He ended his career in San Francisco batting .279 with sixteen homeruns. His fielding was just as good if not better, only committing 11 errors in over 100 games. Joe Panik, the rookie, is the Giant’s most consistent hitter and is virtually perfect in the infield. In an article by Jesse Borek, Panik is recognized by his coaches and teammates as a crucial member in the squad: “Panik, he’s a guy you’ll do more things with, including bunt, and hit-and-run…”(Bochy) and teammate Gregor Blanco added, “he was the guy we were missing.” Panik ended the 2014 season batting .233 in the postseason with only eight errors in the field. Last but not least, Buster Posey is very important to the Giants. When they acquired him in 2009 looking for a catcher, they didn’t know what to expect. After rapidly moving up the Giants program, he won the Rookie of the Year award in 2010 along with a World Series ring. He ended this season with an average of .311 with 22 home runs.

The Giant’s lineup this year was good enough to get them another World Series title. Even though the Giants have lost some of their free agents, they have tried to keep most of their players. Without this lineup they probably wouldn’t have gotten as far as they did in the postseason this year.


giants team




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Where have they been?

For this month’s blog post the question is: where have the Giants been located over time? The Giants were not always located in San Francisco. In fact, when the Giants became a team in 1883, they were located in New York. At that time they weren’t even called the Giants, they were the Gothams. The Giants stayed in New York for a period of 74 years before moving to beautiful San Francisco where they reside today. They have been at their home turf since 1957 (

In the first 74 years of their existence, the Giants called New York home. In 1883 the owners of a team called the Metropolitans, John B. Day and Jim Mutrie, started the New York Gothams by moving some of their best players to the new team. After taking a while to organize the new team, they played their first game at an old polo field in 1885 and finished the season with a win percentage of .759 and a record of 85 wins and 27 losses. After an emotional extra-inning win, Jim Mutrie nicknamed his team “giants” and it stuck with the team. In just their 5th year of existence the Gothams got their hands on their first National League Pennant. This was the start of the Giants Dynasty that would last through their time as a team (San Francisco Giants).

In 1958 the newly found “Giants” played their first game in San Francisco at Seals Stadium and shut out the rival Dodgers in an epic 8-0 win. During their first year in San Fran the Giants finished in 3rd place and managed to squeeze out a winning record of 80 wins and 74 losses. In 1960, the Giants open their newly built stadium, Candlestick Park. Sadly, “the stick” was bad luck for the Giants and didn’t house one World Series trophy in its 40 years of existence. In 2000, the Giants moved to their new stadium, AT&T Park. In its 15 years of existence this park houses 3 World Series trophies. The Giants managed to win the series this year, adding another trophy to their collection. After their win this year, the Giants will have won 3 out of the last 5 World Series creating a “dynasty” (Sportsecyclopedia).

In all of their years of being a team the Giants have been all over the place. Over history, the Giants have won 8 world championships making them one of the greatest teams in MLB history. Many key players from the New York team and San Francisco team have contributed to their success. The fan base at their new home have helped develop this dynasty and continue to help them win championships. Hopefully they’re done moving because they belong right here in beautiful San Francisco. After watching this year’s World Series I reflected on how happy I was to have a team so close to me that I could watch and cheer on. Without this team I don’t know what my life would be like. Go Giants!






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Welcome to my Blog

I made this blog to talk about the San Francisco Giants baseball club. Over the course of the  year I will be talking about things such as history, records, places the Giants have played, and other things about the baseball club. I have made this blog to limit the amount of “bandwagon” fans that say they are fans but don’t know anything about the team. This is mainly for the people who don’t know anything about baseball and need to learn about the team in their area so they can act like they know things about the team. This year the Giants finished the regular season with a record of 88 wins and 74 losses. On Wednesday the Giants will play the Pirates in the wild card game to try to keep their playoff hopes alive. I hope this blog can help Giants fans as we go through the 2014 postseason. Go Giants!

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